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Taw & Torridge Wildfowling Club

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You can join the Taw and Torridge Wildfowling club as a full member, young shots, or a support member. All applications are welcome.

Jack Snipe is protected Our rules state that only "100 members shall be permitted." But we also have a "supporters" membership that is for those full members who no longer endure the rigors of wildfowling but continue to support the club and enjoy the benefits of the BASC membership.

Each year, at the clubs AGM, a committee of 8 members are elected to run the club, with each member having a specific duty or interest. Every effort is made to run the club in a responsible manner in the interests of the membership, and with consideration for those who also use the Marsh and Estuary for other purposes.

Our Chairman represents the club on the Estuary Forum, which was formed in 1980 from representatives of a wide variety of estuary based interests mentioned above as well as the Environment Agency. The club's policy of maintaining good relations with the public and the welfare, and awareness of the dangers of the Estuary and Marsh still continue. Our information pack is given to all new members who have to be proposed and seconded by two club members. Great emphasis is put on what wildfowling is all about covering safety, equipment,clothing, conservation, bird recognition, wardening, and the general point that every member shooting on the marsh represents the club in his attitude and behaviour.

The fact that the members of the public are using the various parts of estuary for an even wider range of activities and in far greater numbers than 25 years ago has to be recognized. The growth of use of the adjacent Tarka Trail for bikers, the estuary for boats, jet skis and fishermen well into the Autumn is a good example of why care has to be taken when the wildfowling season opens on the 1st of September.

Wildfowling is a solitary sport often undertaken in adverse weather conditions, Common Snipe strong winds, rain and cold weather. Members tend to visit the marsh with a partner for safety reasons and rarely meet other members so the club has a few social events during the year to get the members together.

Clay shoots are organized and recent AGMs were attended by over 50 members and prospective members. The club has a history of supporting both local and national charities and the RNLI, Devon Air Ambulance and the North Devon Children's Hospice have benefited from our efforts.